Employee/Customer Surveys

Employee Surveys:
Our research-based employee survey tool, OrgAdvantage(TM) was created using over a decade of research. Based on empirical data showing the link between employee engagement, customer loyalty, and profitability, we believe that highly engaged employees are key a key part of successful organizations. While we work with all types of organizations and sectors, our area of expertise is with CPA firms, where we've found that highly engaged employees:

      - Are approximately 40% more likely to stay at their current firm
     - Produce approximately 10% more billable hours
     - Have significantly more satisfied and loyal clients
     - Have a greater commitment to the organization
     - And many other positive outcomes

Results from OrgAdvantage(TM) can be segmented by job title, gender, location, department, age group, length of service group, or any other desired grouping. In addition, statistical drivers of employee engagement are provided, allowing leadership to focus with laser-like accuracy on plans for improvement.

Customer Surveys:
Research shows that highly satisfied, loyal clients contribute to greater revenue growth and profitability in firms. Our survey instrument allows organizations to gain a deeper understanding of their clients, including how to improve satisfaction and loyalty. Our research-based client survey instrument provides the following:

      - Measures of client satisfaction
     - Measures of client loyalty
     - Measures of the independent variables contributing to satisfaction and loyalty
     - Survey results segmented by partner, location, department, or any other grouping     
     - Statistical drivers of client satisfaction/loyalty, providing specific opportunities for improvement 

Many of the organizations we work with build our client loyalty measurements into partner/owner variable compensation, understanding the critical nature of a highly satisfied, loyal client base. 

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